Getting Started

When you learn with Harris Driving School you will get your own personal lesson plan.
It takes into account any driving experience you may already have, as well as your own style of learning and level of confidence.


step 1Apply for your Theory Test

In order to get a ‘Learner permit’ you must first apply for and pass the Driver Theory Test for the relevant category of vehicle.

It is a computerised test in which you will need to correctly answer 35 out of 40 questions asked. If successful you will be given a certificate.

You should study the official list of test questions and answers which are available in book and CD-ROM format and available at any good bookstore. (always ensure you have the latest material.)

In theory there is no age limit for applying for the Theory Test. The certificate is valid for 2 years. However you must be 17 years old to apply for a Learner Permit.

For further information check or

step 2Apply for your Learner Permit

You will need this permit in order to learn to drive and to apply for a driving test.

Applications must be made to the National Driver License Service (NDLS). Applying for your first learner permit will require a visit to an NDLS centre.

To apply you will need:

  1. A completed Learner Permit application form (download from or available from NDLS centre, Garda stations, Driving test centres)

  2. Photo ID - e.g. passport or public services card

  3. Proof of Residency Entitlement - e.g. passport or birth cert.

  4. Evidence of Address -  e.g. a utility bill or bank statement

  5. Evidence of PPS no. -  e.g. medical card or payslip

  6. Eyesight Report (for a first time application - Form D502) completed by a registered optician or GP.

  7. Driver Theory Test certificate (for vehicle category being applied for)

  8. Medical Report (Form D501 if applicable)

  9. The appropriate fee

At the NDLS centre a digital photo and signature will be taken for use on your Learner permit.

For further information and location of centres check the NDLS website at:

  • step 3Commence Driving Lessons

    This is where Harris Driving School can help you.

    You will be given a structured course of lessons designed to provide you with the key skills you need to know to become a skilled, confident and safe driver for life. You will be taught at a pace that suits you.

    The RSA's 'Essential Driver Training' (EDT) course of structured learning commenced on April 4th 2011. From this date it is mandatory for learners applying for their first learner permit, to complete the EDT lessons.

    EDT consists of 12 one-hour lessons delivered by an authorised driving instructor (ADI). You will need to get supervised practice outside of the EDT lessons, with a 'Sponsor' (an experienced, qualified driver).

    Both lessons and practice are recorded in your RSA EDT 'Logbook' (provided by your driving instructor). All lessons must be completed and certified, by your instructor, before you can take your driving test.

    " Choosing Harris Driving School will put you well on the road to passing your Driving Test. You can be confident we will go that extra mile towards your success. "

    We will act as 'sponsor' for your practise should you require.

    Click here for full details on the RSA's ‘Essential Driver Training’

    step 4Apply for your Driving Test

    Your goal of getting your full Driving License is now in sight. During the course of your lessons I will have coached you on what to expect on the day.

    If you are coming to Harris Driving School for the first time see our
    ‘Pre-Test’ course

    To Apply for the Driving Test :
    You can apply and pay online at Driving Test Online Application
    (you will require a credit card and a valid e-mail address).

    You can download an application form (pdf) for a driving test here
    or obtain a copy from your local Motor Taxation Office. The correct fee must accompany the application.

    Waiting times vary depending on the chosen test centre.
    For more information on this check: Test Centre waiting times

    Remember …to have the best chance of passing the Driving Test it requires training, practice and importantly your commitment.

    If you need any further advice don’t hesitate to call 0872448951 or use the ‘Contact’ page.







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