Driving Courses

When you learn with Harris Driving School you will get your own personal lesson plan.
It takes into account any driving experience you may already have, as well as your own personal style of learning and level of confidence. So take that step and call Declan today at 0872448951.


Driving Courses content for:

  • › Beginners

    • Initially, many learners may find the thought of learning to drive, daunting. But be assured, with Declan:

    • You will get a structured course of lessons that will aim to:

      1. Develop your confidence.
      2. Create an enjoyable learning environment.
      3. Provide you with the best possible chance of passing your driving test.
      4. Provide you with the skills to drive confidently and safely afterwards.

      Note:The RSA's 'Essential Driver Training' (EDT) course of structured learning was introduced on April 4th 2011. From this date it is mandatory for learners applying for their first learner permit to complete the 12 lesson EDT course with a registered driving instructor, prior to taking your driving test. (More info..)

    • *Lessons are inclusive of material handouts supporting the lesson subject matter.

  • › Improvers

    • You may already have some driving experience and wish to improve or refresh your skills. Your current level of skill will be assessed and you will get advice on areas yet to develop or improve. Lessons can then focus on your individual needs to take you to Driving Test standard.

  • › Pre-Tests

    • Pre-test Assessment Drive. Firstly:

      1. The assessment will identify the areas you may need to work on to bring your driving up to ‘Driving Test Standards’.
      You will get advice on what may be required to give you the best chance of passing your test.

      2. It is important to get your pretest assessment as soon as you receive your Driving Test appointment date (usually 4 weeks in advance). You may need this time to prepare.

      Pre-test Lessons.

      Should you require pretest driving lessons then:

      1. I will coach you on routes in your chosen test centre area and take you through all the elements of the Driving Test, step by step, so you know exactly what to expect on the day.

      2. We will cover the correct use of the vehicle controls and the driving procedures the tester will expect you to demonstrate in order to pass. And importantly, together we will work to build your confidence in your own ability.

      A 'Test Information Pack' is included free of charge. Contents include:
      - The formal 'test report' sheet.
      - Detailed notes on the 'test report' explaining the skills the tester will require you to demonstrate.
      - Detailed list of sample 'rules of the road' questions (form part of the Oral test).
      - List of the possible 'Technical' questions asked, together with answers (Show me/Tell me questions).

      " Remember …to have the best chance of passing the Driving Test it requires 'Coaching', 'Practice' and importantly 'your Commitment'. "

      (Learners have found the Test Pack to be of great benefit...check out the ‘Testimonials’ page.)



Post Test Courses:

    › Advanced Driving

    • So you have passed your test, congratulations! But did you know statistics show new drivers of any age are more likely to have an accident within 2 years of passing the driving test than at any other time in their driving career. The reason is mainly due to a lack of driving experience.

      We can help you to:

    • 1. Gain valuable driving experience in safety

      2. You will be coached on how to deal with a wide range of road and traffic situations you may not have faced before e.g. motorway, city driving

    • 3. Develop your existing skills and knowledge further

      4. Becoming a fully skilled driver can take a long time. Harris Driving School can help speed up the learning process with expert tuition.

    • 5. Reduce your risk of being involved in a road accident

      6. Harris Driving School will build your awareness and hazard perception skills helping you to anticipate and plan your way to remain safe.



RSA ADI Member



So how important is Post Driving Test training ?

Safety on the road should be every drivers goal…..weigh up the cost of extra training against being involved in an accident…..be the best you can, you know it makes sense.

Declan Harris (ADI: 36538)