Covid-19 restrictions pertaining to Driving Lessons




What safety precautions will be needed ?

 Social distancing is not achievable in the confined driving lesson environment. Due to the extremely infectious nature of the covid-19 virus and it's potentially serious consequences strict adherence to safety protocols is essential to keep you, me, our families and the community safe. We must not get complacent as the re-emergence of the virus has shown.

 In regard to driving tests the RSA have introduced safety protocols e.g. the wearing of facemasks during the test. Refer to the RSA website for full details.

 The following safety protocols are in place for Harris Driving School:

  • > The instructor may take the learners temperature before the lesson using a non-contact forehead thermometer. If the result is high, indicating a possible fever the lesson may be cancelled for safety.
  • > Face covering/mask will be worn by the instructor and learner during the lesson - mine helps protect you, yours helps protect me -. Wearing the face covering is mandatory. (the learner will provide their mask). This is also being made mandatory by the RSA for driving tests due to the lack of distancing achievable.
  • > The school car controls will be sanitised properly before and after each lesson using antibacterial wipes and spray.
  • > The school car seats will have a protective covering which will be sanitised before each lesson.
  • > Hand sanitiser will be provided for use before the lesson.
  • > Safety gloves will be provided for use before the lesson.
  • > Wind deflectors are installed on car windows to enhance smooth air ventilation.
  • > Lesson payment - there is the option to use Debit/Credit card instead of cash.

Should the learner experience any of the covid-19 symptoms prior to a lesson or have come in contact with a person diagnosed with or suspected of having covid-19, they should not proceed with the lesson but give notice of cancellation as early as possible.

The RSA refers you to the HSE coronavirus covid-19 Public Health Advice and Guidance link below. It will also help you to identify symptoms. Please review.


Together lets stay safe and protect each other.